Cancun Underwater Museum – Diving Center CancunDiving Center Cancun – Diving at the caribbean sea

The Cancun Underwater Museum “MUSA” is known worldwide for its assistance to the preservation of the ecosystem and to be a new and unique opportunity to dive in Cancun.

FOUNDED IN 2009, THE PROJECT MUSA consists of more than 470 life-size statues.
The purpose of the project was to create an artificial reef dipping sculptures made with ecological materials that will increase the growth of seaweed and then small polyps. Some of the statues immersed are totally covered by algae, other have beautiful formations that distort facial features of the characters and give you a mysterious air. The Cancun Underwater Museum is unique in its type.

The 450 statues form the silhouette of an eye to protect both the statues as marine life and coral of the difficult weather conditions. Artists coordinated the project in order to conserve the natural reefs in Cancun and provide new shelters for fish and marine life.

This is a great CANCUN DIVING opportunity that you should take and enjoy the ride.

Come diving with us at the “MUSA Cancun Underwater Museum and have the a great diving Experience with Diving Center Cancun.

You can visit the official site for the Underwater museum here.

Here we give you a glimpse of what it is: