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Los Aguachiles
Corner of Calle 34 and Avenida 25 (there’s another location just off 5th Ave)

This place has a variety of seafood dishes. ceviche tostadas, fish and shrimp tacos, all fresh with amazing flavors. This place is little more “gourmet” than the typical taco joint, with nice touches like fried leeks tacos for additional flavor. Their pickled onions on toast topped are some of the best! The multitude of choices of sauce on the table (at least 8 different from habanero garlic cilantro) can make every bite a little different

Los Aguachiles playa del carmen

Chiltepin Restaurant
Calle 34 and Avenida 20 N

With live music, Pool Chiltepin Restaurant serves traditional fish tacos with a beer batter and cabbage slaw, and have a menu that goes beyond tacos and tostadas.

El Rey de Taco truck
Typically located outside of the Mega supermarket, on Avenida Constituyentes

Every time we have been for King Taco, there has been a line of people: everyone from students, local workers, older women in dresses. Order Cook (no meat, chicken and chorizo tacos with or without cheese), take your plate and pile of condiments lined the front of the truck (be careful with habanero sauce at the end). Most likely to be eating standing, but there are a few chairs parked on the sidewalk. It can not be the price, either, at 2 pesos (~ 90 cents) each.

El Rey de Taco truck playa del carmen

El Fogon
Calle 6th & 30th Ave (and a bunch of other locations)

The star of the show in El Fogón is meat. As you approach, you can smell the grill and see the smoke from the fireplace where grilled marinated meat up in all sorts of varieties. But the star is the huge spike Pastor (marinated pork) visible from the street.

El Fogon playa del carmen

What do you think? Which must-try taco place did we miss? Do you agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments.