Cancun Underwater Museum – Diving Center CancunDiving Center Cancun – Diving at the caribbean sea

The Cancun Underwater Museum “MUSA” is known worldwide for its assistance to the preservation of the ecosystem and to be a new and unique opportunity to dive in Cancun.

FOUNDED IN 2009, THE PROJECT MUSA consists of more than 470 life-size statues.
The purpose of the project was to create an artificial reef dipping sculptures made with ecological materials that will increase the growth of seaweed and then small polyps. Some of the statues immersed are totally covered by algae, other have beautiful formations that distort facial features of the characters and give you a mysterious air. The Cancun Underwater Museum is unique in its type.

The 450 statues form the silhouette of an eye to protect both the statues as marine life and coral of the difficult weather conditions. Artists coordinated the project in order to conserve the natural reefs in Cancun and provide new shelters for fish and marine life.

This is a great CANCUN DIVING opportunity that you should take and enjoy the ride.

Come diving with us at the “MUSA Cancun Underwater Museum and have the a great diving Experience with Diving Center Cancun.

You can visit the official site for the Underwater museum here.

Here we give you a glimpse of what it is:

Cancun Diving – Diving Center CancunDiving Center Cancun – Diving at the caribbean sea

Diving in Cancun is one of the most spectacular things you can do while staying here. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or you haven’t even dove before, at Diving Center Cancun you’ll get to experience diving with a professional instructor that not only knows the best Diving techniques but also knows the Cancun area pretty well so you can get to know the best Diving Sites.

Diving Center Cancun will take you diving to the best spots in Cancun and the Riviera Maya



Diving in Cancun for beginners


Cancun Diving for certified divers



Scuba Diving Courses in Cancun

Where to Dive in Cancun – Diving Center CancunDiving Center Cancun – Diving at the caribbean sea

So, you are coming to Cancun and you are wondering Where to dive in Cancun and what to see?

We’ll give you some good tips on this article.

Isla Mujeres Diving.

Isla Mujeres Diving

Diving in Isla Mujeres is pretty much like diving in Cancun, since the Island is just in front of Cancun’s Hotel Zone.

Isla Mujeres has really great spots for diving, like the Manchones reef where you can see lots of wildlife while you let yourself drag by the current, or you can go visit the Punta negra reefs, which is called like that because there is a group of black tip sharks in this area, which you almost don’t see and would be very lucky if you do so.

Playa del Carmen Diving

Playa del Carmen Diving

Playa del Carmen is amazing for diving, you have a lot of different options from reef diving, sinked ship (Mavaviña) or shark diving which is the most known in Playa del Carmen for the winter season since it is when the sharks come to the area.

Cozumel Diving.

Cozumel Diving

Cozumel is like the meca of the diving tourism. Cozumel has been known for decades to have some of the best diving spots on earth, like one of them called Palancar. You’ll be able to see great reefs, lots of marine life including sharks or huge rays as well as enjoying the great views from the boat of the Caribbean Sea.

Cenote Diving.

Cenote Diving

The cenotes are these holes in the ground located in the Yucatan Peninsula, that can be open to the sky or closed like a cavern. Diving in Cenotes can be really dangerous but really amazing, so diving in cenotes needs the ability of an advanced diver.

The great thing about cenote diving is the great structures you’ll be able to see in these caverns, not to mention, that it is in one of these caverns that one of the oldest human remains of America were found.

Puerto Morelos Diving

Puerto Morelos Diving

Puerto Morelos is home of the Puerto Morelos National Protected Marine Park, where you’ll be able to enjoy colourful reefs full of life, either snorkeling or diving, it’s a little town with a really relaxed ambience where you can have a beer and do nothing right after your dives.

Puerto Morelos is also home of a Militar sinken ship that you can also visit diving, and divers of the area quite love this wreck because there is a lot of animal life that has come to the place since it was put down.

Let us know what is your favorite diving spot in Cancun or the Riviera Maya so we can discuss about this :)

Cancun What activities can I do? – Diving Center CancunDiving Center Cancun – Diving at the caribbean sea

Learn about the activities in Cancun for which you are eligible; from a bike ride to a night dive, and choose the ones you like to enjoy your holiday in this young city.

Cancun has always been known for its beautiful beaches of fine white sand and the turquoise sea and white foam making waves breaking on the beach.

But there are other activities in Cancun you can do apart from go swimming at a beach or sunbathe in your bathing suit lying on a cot.

In the city of Cancun activities will always be done, either day or night, the city can surprise you with its warmth and entertainment everywhere. While the activities planned in Cancun you want to make in order to properly enjoy the time of your stay in this beautiful city.

Although improvistos can be everywhere, always stay prepared and have at least a plan B. Sun, sand and sea


If you’re staying at a hotel in Cancun Hotel Zone have access to the hotel’s beaches, being there you may think that with the pool and the all inclusive package is enough, but no.

Cancun has great public beaches where the surf is a work of art in motion, you are certainly engrave an image in your mind forever.

On the beach you can play volleyball bowl or make sandcastles, do some exercise or walking on the sand soaking your ankles with the foam of the waves.

It is very important that you are at all times aware of the flags placed lifeguards, as sometimes is not a good idea to swim due to the high waves of the Caribbean.


Isla Mujeres Diving

In the Riviera Maya you can find excellent reefs where you can snorkel. On the island of Cozumel is the second reef system in the world’s largest coral fish here can find a variety of colors and discover the fabulous underwater world. One of the main activities in Cancun for the diving is diving in the Cancun Underwater Museum called MUSA, which was created in 2009.



Practice a water sport is an amazing experience, and is an excellent alternative to enjoy the beach from the other side. On the beaches you can find places to rent jet skis at low cost with which you can take a walk along the beaches. Although if you prefer you can ride small sailing or windsurfing, jump on a ride to the banana. If you are not afraid of heights then the parachute ride is an activity in Cancun you have to make, enjoy the beach from the sky.



Enjoy a good dish is very easy, as the Rivera Maya restaurants offer the opportunity to taste exclusive dishes and a very warm and tropical Mexican service.

In Cancun you can find many influences of Yucatecan food so if you are visiting you must try the roasted suckling pig is a must dish.

Restaurants offering seafood undertake to bring you the freshest food to make it a delight to the palate your experience with them.

The Mayan Riviera is a grand and huge place so well that decides activities in Cancun decide to make your time well and plan to enjoy every moment and explore beyond Cancun.

Gastronomy Fifth Avenue Playa del Carmen – Diving Center CancunDiving Center Cancun – Diving at the caribbean sea

Los Aguachiles
Corner of Calle 34 and Avenida 25 (there’s another location just off 5th Ave)

This place has a variety of seafood dishes. ceviche tostadas, fish and shrimp tacos, all fresh with amazing flavors. This place is little more “gourmet” than the typical taco joint, with nice touches like fried leeks tacos for additional flavor. Their pickled onions on toast topped are some of the best! The multitude of choices of sauce on the table (at least 8 different from habanero garlic cilantro) can make every bite a little different

Los Aguachiles playa del carmen

Chiltepin Restaurant
Calle 34 and Avenida 20 N

With live music, Pool Chiltepin Restaurant serves traditional fish tacos with a beer batter and cabbage slaw, and have a menu that goes beyond tacos and tostadas.

El Rey de Taco truck
Typically located outside of the Mega supermarket, on Avenida Constituyentes

Every time we have been for King Taco, there has been a line of people: everyone from students, local workers, older women in dresses. Order Cook (no meat, chicken and chorizo tacos with or without cheese), take your plate and pile of condiments lined the front of the truck (be careful with habanero sauce at the end). Most likely to be eating standing, but there are a few chairs parked on the sidewalk. It can not be the price, either, at 2 pesos (~ 90 cents) each.

El Rey de Taco truck playa del carmen

El Fogon
Calle 6th & 30th Ave (and a bunch of other locations)

The star of the show in El Fogón is meat. As you approach, you can smell the grill and see the smoke from the fireplace where grilled marinated meat up in all sorts of varieties. But the star is the huge spike Pastor (marinated pork) visible from the street.

El Fogon playa del carmen

What do you think? Which must-try taco place did we miss? Do you agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments.

10 cenotes of the Riviera Maya – Diving Center CancunDiving Center Cancun – Diving at the caribbean sea

Go through the Riviera Maya and not delve into her wild and exuberant bored to find the heart of the jungle side would be an unforgivable mistake. These stunning water reserves contained in authentic limestone caves that erosion by rain or undercurrents pierced until they came to collapse domes, let us fascinating spaces where swimming and diving, always with the company of guides and qualified personnel. Here are the 10 most impressive cenotes of the Riviera Maya.


cenote Chac Mool

Located in Puerto Aventuras, the Chac Mool has two entrances leading to their respective cavities, the first of considerable size and the second seed stalagmites. You’ll love it, because the fact that in his bed fresh and salt water converge cause the phenomenon known as haloclina, in which layers of different salinities are perfectly defined columns. Although Chac Mool is a favorite for divers with little practical cenotes, it is essential that you respect the signs of danger and Remove not the areas closed to public use, as they do not can lead to accidents with fatal outcomes.


cenote Xkeken

This cenote is 3 kilometers from Valladolid, on the road linking the city with Merida; so communications are excellent. Here you will experience a spectacular feeling, because access to the cave is covered through a fairly narrow opening, so when the space opens onto a monumental stay, magic is spellbinding. Xkeken is well conditioned for being one of the most tourist cenotes. It has great access facilities with guardrails, ropes holding you go and relax while swimming and You travel wide spaces and platforms where accommodate. The crystalline waters of a turquoise blue and majestic stalactites will not disappoint.


Cenote Sagrado

Only 5 kilometers from Chichen Itza this cenote is open pit that was used in ancient times, like almost everyone, sacred purposes. With 60 meters in diameter and cut walls of 15 meters, it is connected with the pyramid of Kukulcan through a path of 300 meters. Its proximity made it important for the Maya people of the area, which used the sacred cenote to launch virgin sacrifice to appease the rain god. At the bottom they have found remains of young women dressed in elaborate costumes. This is the ideal cenote to let your imagination and meet our ancestors.


cenote Tajma hal

This is the local name of Cenote Taj Mahal, which has taken its name from the famous Indian monument, thanks to the majesty of this natural wonder. Cenotes are actually four interconnected 25 kilometers south of Playa del Carmen. It is very well prepared, bathrooms and restaurant but to explore it in its fullness have to be an expert diver and overcome the wall five meters deep which allows access to great cavities. The landscape of stalactites and stalagmites will be of overwhelming beauty.


Gran Cenote

Almost 4 kilometers of Tulum towards Cobá deposits, is the most famous cenote of this part of the country. It has a characteristic crescent shape and is suitable for everyone as it has shallow areas where you can enjoy snorkeling without difficulties. Similarly you can dive in other areas with depths up to ten meters, a feature to consider if you are an expert diver. There are good facilities including parking for cars and diving equipment rental. Its clear waters alternate a fantastic experience, both opencast and stalactites roofed areas.


cenote Suytun

Suytun is also a beautiful cenote, a great resort rural and natural tourism. It is 8 kilometers from Valladolid and offers accommodation in cabins and a museum with archaeological remains found in the same cenote. Complementing you can enjoy the experience offered by the cattle ranch also found at this point. Admission costs just over $ 4 and gives access to a beautiful and impressive underground cave so shallow and clear waters you can watch the fish.


cenote Ik Kil

Around this impressive and beautiful cenote it has developed an entire eco-park, which in addition to its lush forest and many birds, can stay overnight in one of their little cottages of high standing, stand out the pure Maya style, but with jacuzzi. No shortage of restaurants and shops where to buy souvenirs. Cenote Ik Kil is one of the most spectacular places in Yucatan just 3 kilometers from Chichén Itzá. You should not miss it.


cenote Ponderosa

This cenote of Quintana Roos is also known as Cenote Eden. As you get the reasons for the name you will be well obvious, since the environment in which it is open to the sky, it is wonderful. The vegetation of this enormous natural pool, with a depth of about 15 meters, falls down the sides of the walls. The waters are crystal clear green that allow you to see the species that live in this ecosystem. You will see that likeable are turtles and eels.


cenote Dos Ojos

We enter a favorite cenotes to cave diving enthusiasts. Their discovery is fairly recent, in the 80s, and are still exploring undiscovered kilometers and kilometers, with more than 6,700 meters and investigated. At some points, the cenote Dos Ojos reach up to 120 meters deep, so it is very important that you have a lot of experience for sports in this flooded cave. If you do not see sufficient capacity, it is best that you hire the services of qualified who will accompany you during the dive instructors.


Cenote Samula

Before entering this gorgeous cenote, you have to enjoy your fabulous access and picturesque local craft stalls. Then you must go down a narrow staircase carved into the stone. We advise you to stop a little in the first floor and see from here the captivating beauty of this flooded cave. Then you can continue the descent by wooden ladders to the floor of the cenote Samula. Here there are platforms to rest, leave things and prepare for swimming. It is also the perfect place to contemplate the long roots of a tree that slide down to the bottom of the cenote place. If you want to dive, you can rent out equipment.

Top Cancun Dinner Cruises – Diving Center CancunDiving Center Cancun – Diving at the caribbean sea


The Caribbean Sea is one of the most beautiful, loved and frequently visited bodies of water in the world, and Cancun (as one of Mexico’s top tourist destinations) takes full advantage of this popularity with a number of boat trips and cruises in the area. The Jolly Roger Pirate Ship is undoubtedly one of the most popular providers of such tours in Cancun. Take a look at what you can expect on this top Cancun dinner cruise.
Cancun Dinner Cruise with Pirates

Cancun Dinner Cruise with Pirates

A Cancun Dinner Cruise aboard the Jolly Roger is one of the best activities and tours to enjoy in Cancun and Riviera Maya. The fun pirate ship invites passengers twice a day every day and, atnight, prowls the coastline while putting on a fantastic show for its guests. For the price of your ticket you’ll get dinner, your drinks, and a fun-filled evening for you and your family. This bi-lingual show is family-friendly as well as being loads of fun, and (better yet) you can be sure that the kids will be wiped out and ready for bed by the time you disembark, leaving you and yourspouse plenty of time to relax together.

Delicious Fare on this Cancun Dinner Cruise

The three course meal that you’ll be served on the ship is not only delicious, but modifiable. If you wish you can ask for vegetarian or vegan options as well as getting smaller portions if you need them. When you first get on board you’ll enjoy some music and dancing to get you into the mood and build an appetite. Dinner will be served about halfway through the Cancun cruise, and after you’ve eaten you can enjoy a devilishly good show while you let it settle in your stomach.

Cancun Dinner Cruise Choices

If you’d rather enjoy a more romantic cruise there are plenty of options to choose from, including those that go to the islands of Isla Mujeres and Cozumel, in the city. We recommend checking TripAdvisor and other such sites to get a good idea of what’s the best for your needs.

Discover Scuba Diving, your first step for discover another world – Diving Center CancunDiving Center Cancun – Diving at the caribbean sea

If you’ve ever dreamed of swimming with fish and discover the underwater world .

Your dream can come true!!.  We’ll wait for you.


Discover Scuba Diving” PADI is designed to provide the first experience of diving right through knowledge of basic theoretical and practical principles to help you make the first dive in complete safety , always attended by certified Padi instructors.

No better place in Mexico to make your first experience in  Cancun reefs.

What includes?

  • Theoretical instruction by one of our instructors PADI
  • Pool practice with scuba equipment
  • 2 dives
  • Taxes
  • Soft drinks and water